Monday, October 5

Last Friday

Last Friday I was part of a selected works exhibition at the Schindler Satellite Gallery, with fellow artists, Lisa Taranto and Thomas Van Auken. I had 15 pieces in the show, most of them were painted in NY and a few from the early 90's I did while living in MI. It was the best birthday present ever, to show in such a lovely space, (my birthday is in 2 weeks) with 2 artists whose work I love and respect. From the second I walked in the gallery at 7pm to the time I left at 10pm, I was talking to people about art and listening to what they had to say. I met lots of artists, art students and people who simply like art, or had nothing better to do on a Friday night and happened to wandered in. It was an honor and a pleasure! Kirsten Gray the gallery owner/director is amazing, I truly-thoroughly love working with her.

The show is open by appointment only, but that may change (I will post new info if that changes). To contact the gallery for a viewing call: Kirsten Gray at 804-644-5005

Thanks to those who came out to see the show and to those of you who take some time to view the photos I have posted of it.

It was wonderful, but today is Monday and time to make some progress....
Onward Friends!...Onward!

**Painting: PM Dogs By Tracey St.Peter oil on canvas

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