Friday, February 22

Hungry birds

The first batch of homemade suet lasted one week. The next just one day. I just put this new batch out for the birds. I don't think it will last long.

Update: It lasted one hour!

Globe 2

...and it begins..

Frankenstein Friday

I wasn't peeking! Poor Truman, she can' t get any privacy!

Thursday, February 21

Wednesday, February 20

THDP lives on

A few weeks back I got a really nice note from Rena over at Peace Arena. She became a peace and justice activist partly due to reading The Hundred Dresses as a girl. It is really exciting meeting people from all over the country who's lives have been shaped by this little book.
I didn't post it right away because I have been feeling guilty about the fact that I have put THDP on the back burner for now. But the truth is, it is in me, part of who I am. It is always there weather I am painting 100 paintings in a row or not. Right now it is, not. Right now, I am exploring other tangents.
My graduate Thesis exhibition, (we are talking 1991) was based on counting to 100. It came out of being in school for so many years. You get to a point where counting days, credits, sleepless nights is all you can comprehend. The work (I only have it on slides not digital yet) was sculptural, oil paint on metal sheets and other building materials. It was inspired by Chinese calligraphy. Basically I painted numbers 1-100 over and over in layered flowing color on solid sculptural forms.
The book is like a root that can grow many kinds of flowers. Even if you cut the flower, another will grow. Hopefully more beautiful and poignant than the last.

Wire and paper cut-out drawings of Birdmen

I like how the wire line frames the space around it. I like the wire as line. I like the shadows they cast. It is a sort of moving drawing of shadows. But all this is derivative. How many shadow instillations have I seen? Calder's circus was much more playful and inventive. I am exploring...

...Can't talk working

The kitchen wall is turning into a college of ideas
Watteau keeps coming up...
...exploring layered tracings of Pierrot. It seems the more of them I do the more they look like me.

Monday, February 18

Untitled Invitational

I have been trying to link to the gallery myspace page so you can view the photos of the show. However, nothing I try seems to be working. So if you would like to take a peek at the show, Scroll down a few posts to one named Untitled Invitational, click on the word Gallery (in blue). To view the show photos click on the photo in the upper left hand corner of the galleries myspace page.
The pencil drawings by Jack Lawrence are outstanding. That is an understatement, they are ethereal.
I am feeling the pressure of my own One Person Show, next Feb. So Tracey is in the studio working. Except, the studio is now her kitchen (due to weather and other problems). So the pressure is on..can't talk got to make stuff! I'll post some photos later.

Update: you can not view the pic's unless you are a myspace member. I will go take some as soon as I can.