Thursday, November 18

Art show must see!

The photos are of our happy home, now that we have the new stove in place, Mr.Eleven is cooking up a storm! The colors are warm and inviting the smells intoxicating, sounds of a busy kitchen and killer tunes...this is art--this is life!

You know what is also art---a big deal art show!

I dropped of 2 pieces at the gallery earlier in the week. It is: The Eric Schindler Gallery's 50th Anniversary Celebration, A group invitational. I entered 2 of the small monkey sculptures, (sorry I forgot to take photos of them but will take some at the opening). I am very excited to see the show, on Friday.

I had a fantastic conversation with Kirsten, the owner director of the gallery, while there. I love hearing her perspective. Growing up in a gallery, learning from watching her parents deal with crazy artists. Then stepping into the roll herself. 50 years later here we are hanging a show, varied yet cohesive powerful yet, beautiful, all of it brought together through a life time of living with art. A life time of honing a critical eye and a passionate heart. Kirsten is a beautiful person and it is reflected in her choices. She nurtures her artists and gives us room to grow. I for one am thrilled and excited to be part of this very important exhibition. To me the gallery is like home, like a warm inviting kitchen alive with creativity, enticing our senses.

The Eric Schindler Gallery
2305 East Broad St.
Richmond Va 23223

opening reception, Friday November
show runs through December 18th 2010

20% of all sales the week of Nov. 19th-26
will benefit ART 180
and Tricycle Gardens

Be there or be square Richmond. I will be there!



I went back into this encaustic painting and am much happier with it. I am reserving the right to tweak it a bit more, but for now it is done. I learned a lot about encaustic on this panel...looking forward to starting a new one with the new knowledge.

I added little blue beads to the moon for eyes. They are really cool in real life. The combination of sculpture and painting in one media is exciting to me. It is a path I have been on for a while now. There is an immediacy to encaustic that leans towards expressionistic work, but there is also a lot of process and that calls for pre planning. I want to explore more of the innate qualities of the medium. I am attracted to the transparency and rounded edges combined with simple direct line.

Onward Monkeys!

nap time

Mr.Eleven sneaks in a few z's with Bella and Truman

The 3 amigos find their own soft corner of the bed for a mid afternoon nap

The littlest Murph about to drift off into dream land

Truman about to invade Bella's spot in the sun

One thing you might notice is I am the only one not napping! There is too much work to be done....

Onward Monkeys!