Friday, July 18

Starting over...

About a month ago Jarvis' mom sent a nice healthy Perennial Begonia over in a nice little pot. I planted it in the yard. It did really well for a while. Then one day it was gone. I thought the baby bunnies ate it, now I think it might have been deer. In any case, it is coming back! I found these brave hints of life yesterday.
The photo is a little out of focus. Just like me in the studio right now. After our long vacation, I am struggling to reconnect with my work. I am a bit out of focus and just breaking ground. Nothing to show yet...but I am working at it!...Onward!

Deer food

Yesterday I found one of my largest tomato plants was missing about 2 feet off the top! It had to be deer. There are even teeth marks still left in a half eaten green tomato.
Now I am thinking that the corn stalks that I kept finding cut off at the base, were also victims of the deer. They must be jumping over the fence by the corn. I found some deer poop in the back of the yard too. I have a lot of tomato plants so I can share, I just hope they aren't to greedy.

Singing Chug part II

Happy Frankenstein Friday! I almost didn't post this because of that damn woman in the mirror...but I think the Chug's cuteness out weighs me own fug!

Wednesday, July 16


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Check out my bee photos by clicking on the bee. Real bees working in my garden.

Check this out bees working in Tokyo!...Bees against birds!

Return to Beeman Land

Since I haven't been there in a while, last night I visited Beeman land. Here are the newest drawings. In the first one the bee is riding out the storm under his flower head friend. I actually saw this in my own garden, during a rainstorm. There were a few bees seeking shelter as the flowers faced the rain.
Here is the link to all of the Beeman drawings.

Weed no longer!

I have been nurturing this weed in my garden all summer. It has these cute little flowers with yellow centers and white petals. The bees like it so I let it live in the garden. It just keeps getting stronger, the stem thicker and the blooms bigger. But this is a surprise to me. The latest blooms are Yellow with yellow green center and completely different petal shape. This may be something that happens in nature all the time, I really don't want to look it up...I like that it has evolved. I like to think that this weed became a proper perennial due to a good home.

The Big Hibiscus Head

Our new Hibiscus produced it's fist bloom this morning! It is amazing! It is huge! It is so red! No wonder The Big Irish Head chose this plant, it suits him.

Tuesday, July 15

globe 4, Luna

globe 4, Luna
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Here is a final view of Luna, globe 4. I am starting to work on creating spinning bases for all of the globes. As well as starting some new flat paintings...onward!

Small things that make me happy...

I found these cute little egg pods at the fancy kitchen shop. I love them! They make the best poached eggs! The silicone pods float in boiling water, it is so simple yet perfect. We found out after making eggs Benedict that TBIH hates poached eggs. But I love them, so they are one of my favorite little things. If you have been following my work over the last year, it is clear I have an egg theme going. Not sure how it all will fit together, but it is fun assembling the ingredients.

Monday, July 14

The best thing about vacation...

The best thing about our vacation was, having the time to take a family portrait! We were trying to squish the Chugs head between our cheeks. Can you feel the love?!

getting ready for a drive

getting ready for a drive
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Mr. Eleven and I have a saying: It is a nice day for a drive. We say it almost every time we get in the car. On this day of our stay-cation we drove out to the green house and got some new plants and new fish. I took photos from the car along the way. As you can see, it was a nice day for a drive.
When we moved here 2 years ago we had 9 fish in the pond. I noticed that there were only 5 fish left, not long ago. The fish just vanish. We have been told it is most likely a Heron. But I have never seen this super stealth Heron in my yard. In any case, we picked out 2 cat fish. They are a deep dark blue and look more like shadows then fish. We got 2 small Koi, both yellow. They are really pretty and feisty! We also got one that is the same size as our remaining fish, only it is orange and white.
Every time I go in the yard I first visit the pond and count the fish. So far all fish are accounted for and doing well!

Fishing front of boat

Fishing front of boat
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Another of our day trips was a fishing trip. We chartered a boat, and guide on the Chickahomeny River. I usually leave the fishing to the man, it starts too damn early for me. But it was worth getting up for, I had a blast! Our guide Eddie made sure I got to catch lots of fish. In fact he made sure I caught the biggest fish! But honestly I liked just being on the boat and watching the Beavers swim by and Osprey feed their young, up in nest made of logs not twigs, almost as much as pulling in the Large Mouth Bass.
Eddie kept saying hold it up higher. I tried. I really tried and I even managed to smile too, during our trophy shot, photo session, on the back of the boat. I had a hell of a time holding onto the fish. I dropped them a few times. It was horrifying! Kevin finally had to hold the biggest fish for the photos. Needless to say it was a huge relief, once the fish were all back in the water and swam away!

Again, you can see the entire set of: our fishing trip, by clicking on the boat photo.

The Big Irish Head in the sand

The Big Irish Head in the sand
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I am back from my STAYCATION...I absolutely hate that word, but I just herd it on the radio and it is exactly what I am back from. TBIH and I had a wonderful time not working and staying at home, we took day trips every few days. One of those trips was to Virginia Beach. To my great surprise it was wonderful! Everything a day at the beach should be. We had a great mini trip and plan to return, as soon as we can!

Click on The Big Irish Head to see photos of our day at the beach.

Sisterhood of the healing pants...

The other day I was browsing the new Nordstrom's catalog in our library. By Library I mean bathroom. But what I saw when I flipped to page 34, almost made me fall off the pot! In the first frame the model is in a wheel chair, in the second she is standing! I am still bending my mind trying to figure this out. Sure the pirate shirt looks fetching un-tucked when you are in your wheel chair, but once you regain your ability to stand, you should tuck? I got it, maybe, they are saying these jeans aren't so pretty, however if you happen to be in a wheel chair, you can cover the top with your pirate shirt and sit on the bedazzled butt designs, thus concealing it's fug. I am leaning towards the healing power theory. I am thinking if you look closely at the back pocket, long enough, the face of the baby Jesus will appear. I am so confused, any ideas?