Wednesday, May 6

I saved a Sparrow...

The Sparrow's house in my front yard.

I rescued a sparrow!I saved a Sparrow and thought of you! I saw it get hit by a car and ran into the street to pick it up. He wasn’t smushed, I think he just had the wind knocked out of him. I carried him in my hand, back to my house and Meredith came out to look. (Spyro refused, like a big jerk.) While we were cooing over him, he started to pep up and when I went to bring him to the little triangle park, he just flew out of my hands! I was so excited and happy! Meredith and I just started clapping and hugged!I love the little creatures!

My friend Judy just sent this note to me...and it made me so happy!...I clapped my hands too!
Meredith is a personal super hero to me. One day a few years ago, when I was living in Brooklyn, I was walking one of my dogs. I ran a small dog walking biz in NY for about 10 years. A big cute as anything, Bulldog and I were happily walking up Bedford ave. when this mean drunk guy, walks up and just kicks the dog! I was in shock, but our hero Meredith saw what happened and charged out of the store front she was working at and chased down the drunk guy wrestled him to the ground and put a cigarette out on his chest! To put this in perspective he was at least a foot taller than her and about 100 lbs heavier! So it is no surprise that when a little Sparrow was in need she appeared to lend a hand. Cheers to Judy and Meredith!...Spryo, well sometimes boys just don't get it!
I love the little creatures too Judy!

update: Check out Meridith's comment below. It wasn't a tackle, it was a knee to the groin. She is for sure a super hero!

Tuesday, May 5

week 11

52/11 photo of me by me. This week I am chillin in my chair looking out the front window as the sun shines and the rain falls. I like it when it is sunny and raining feels like a dream. From this spot I sip my coffee from my pretty little cup and saucer. I can see my irises and the crappy old bird house the Sparrows are living in. I am happy to report, that even after the house fell over 15 feet the baby bird inside is fine. The family is busy bringing food to him and giving me hell if I get too near their home. I don't blame them!

In other news I added a new bird house in the back yard, Blue birds have begun nesting in it already. Now we have 2 house with Blue birds, one with Sparrows, one with chickadees and one yet to be identified.

Today was the day I thought my skating lessons would start. I realized that our clocks were still not reset since our power went out, at the last min....I was late! So I rushed and got over there as fast as I could. Only to find a bunch of little colorful ice fairies on the rink, the little girls were having their lesson. I thought no way am I skating with 6 year olds! But the girl behind the counter informed me, my class would start tomorrow. I think I said to her in my frantic state: I want to take the old ladies class, when is it?! In any case, that is good news and I am excited to start learning tomorrow.

In still other news...I have been curating my home, adding new paintings and rearranging doing this I am gaining insight. One major discovery has been that The Hundred Dresses paintings should not have been shown with World Ball, I think they are their own entity and it made things very confusing. I also think the Globes need to have more space around them in order to really see them. Clarity is sometimes easier with some distance. I am leaning, looking and most importantly loving.

as always...

Monday, May 4

coffee cup, take me away.....

I have recently started sipping my morning-joe from this delicate little china cup. The cup came with our home. Ethel and Patrick left us all sorts of nice things (the previous owners). I have a saying and it is this: Everything we need has been provided for...(by Ethel and Patrick). From tools to old manuals to Miracle Grow, to my little china cup and saucer, all have been left for us, so we could thrive.
I was using this cup as an ash try in the Kitchen, for the boys. But Mr.Eleven is on the patch now and on his way to quitting that nasty habit (Yay Kevin!!).
This may seem silly but drinking from this cup rather than a big ol' heavy mug, relaxes me, like a Calgon Bath! Somehow I think it is helping me find my balance and leading me towards my work...the perfect hard china roundness, reminiscent of an egg shell...brings me closer to my Globes...closer to my ideas and closer to my center....
thank you, Ethel and Patrick...


*I posted a bunch of photos from the weekend, Mr. Eleven's fishing club (The Shady Tree Bass Masters) event for kids, yummy meatballs, garden progress and as always Frankenstein and Truman...check it out: here.