Wednesday, April 27

One less hole in Bella

Frankenstein is letting me know it is time to cut the lawn!

The big news is the final hole has closed on Bella's side. She is officially healed, healthy and ready for action.

The Murps waiting for me to come back in the yard.

It seemed like forever going through Bella's cancer, surgery and long recovery, but she is all healed! She hasn't quite been with us a year yet, but has earned her place in the family and in our hearts. Long live Miss Belly Bella and her trusty companion Sir Frankenstein!

Onward Monkey faced dogs..and other monkeys!

what's up Wednesday

I am in the studio working on the reaching up monkey and his pals.

The roofers came by yesterday and put on the new roof. Check out our new hammock, yay!

If you look closely you can see where I have outlined the new bigger front flower garden.

Irises in full bloom!

Progress is slow but, ever moving forward. I know in photos it doesn't look like much, but each new layer of paper and flour bring more life and character to the reaching up monkey.

onward monkeys!