Friday, August 1

Frankenstein Friday

Happy Friday! I posted 2 new singing Chug videos here. Both are dark and out of focus, but it is all about the singing, so check them out.

Tonight my friend Bridget is having an art show at Quirk, so we will be down town for
First Friday tonight. ..I hope Nate is out there with the taco truck...Yummy!
Happy Friday y'all!

Update: We called him, and yes, Nate and his taco's will be there!

Thursday, July 31


The second small square painting is done. I really like it! Just to make sure I hung it in the living room and did the black and white test.
It works. It also feels right with The globes and Frankenstein.
Here is a look at the kitchen wall. I have been changing things around and making new little bits to add to it...things are moving and growing again! ...Onward!

Wednesday, July 30

I love the smell of turps in the morning!

I am back! I painted all day yesterday. It was hard. I painted for a long time then thought I can stop for the day. But when I looked at the clock I had only painted for one hour. I forced myself to keep going and I think I found my groove. It is a start and it felt really good. The best was this morning walking in the kitchen and the smell of turps was in the air!
Got to get back to the studio.....Onward!

From the garden

We harvested our corn crop this past weekend. 10 ears in total. I know, a pretty puny crop. But it was the best corn we have ever tasted! Next year we will plant more. Our, tomatoes, cucumbers and basil are all plentiful and 'top drawer'. I get to pick a little each day.
I watched Auntie Mame last night...Top Drawer is what the annoying, boring bigot rich girl, in the film, likes to say, with teeth clenched of course!

Monday, July 28

out of the darkness...

Last week I was sick and it sucked. I tried to do things, but was too weak to actually get anything of substance done. I did take a few photos. It makes me laugh now, to see them. So dark and moody. Something, a depressed hormonal teen, might take, then write an equally dark poem about. It's like the Dementors were hovering over my home last week (I spent a few days watching Harry Potter over and over when I was in my funk). When they talk about the Dementors, they always say: It was as if all the happiness had vanished from the world.
Luckily, I am feeling better and the color is back in my sight! No crappy poems for today!...just light, and a steady marching... Onward!