Friday, March 7

Frankenstein Friday

The other day I was walking in the yard and a flash of red caught my eye.
When I got closer I saw it was the Red Bull beanie baby. We had picked him out for Frankenstein at the flea market a few weeks back. It was an inside toy. But here it was half burred behind a rose bush.
When Frankenstein realized his prize had been discovered he quickly grabbed it and went off to find another hiding place. He wandered around the yard for a long time. He cried a little out of frustration. None of the hiding places he could find were good enough.
Later I discovered the bull abandoned in a corner of the yard. Not burred or hidden. I brought the bull back in the house and cleaned him up a bit.
Then yesterday Frankenstein had him in mouth again and Mr.Bull was all covered in dirt and wet. Somehow Frankenstein keeps seeking him out to bury him!..then moving him to new and even better hiding places. As to the whereabouts of the Red Bull now, I have no idea. But I bet he is half burred in the yard somewhere, waiting to be found.

Thursday, March 6

Wednesday, March 5

taken while driving..

I was so full of energy from spending time at the gallery yesterday. I took a bunch of photos while driving home. These are the best of the bunch.

still more...

my little painting and some complementary design based work..
these are floor pillows, he can make you new ones that are pristine..
once again amazing!

love these!


Nice use of Encaustic, I still want to try encaustic on a globe..

This is solid maple, the top looks like drapery, super cool!
Love this!

Art show

Kirsten Gray the director and I had a great talk about all the work in the show yesterday.
the gallery gets great natural light as well as traditional lighting.

It is always strange seeing your work in a new space. The globe seems so small in the gallery space. But when I was working on it, the surface seemed endless. I really like a lot of the work in the show.

finished eggs

Here they are all finished. Like a box of chocolates each one is different. I ate them all. Mr. Eleven and Jarvis were completely grossed out by the entire process. But, it was good for me. I read all about egg history, prepared them and documented the process, then ate them all (not at once). Now all I have to do is paint the images. The grunt work is done. It was a devilish day of eggy goodness!

Monday, March 3

Fishing lures

Fishing lures are not specific to the south but since we have been down here Mr. Eleven has become a fisherman. He loves to call himself a sportsmen. Growing up in the Bronx he didn't get to do much fishing. He has taken to it, well, like a fish to water. Fishing lures are a new thing in our lives, this box of them has been on the dinning room table for weeks.
I am going to try and use these images in future paintings.


I spent most of yesterday making deviled eggs. I got the idea to start incorporating images from my new life in the South into the paintings. One of the first things I was told were southern were deviled eggs. At first I scoffed at this. After all I have had deviled eggs in the northern states. But then I noticed at every party and BBQ we went to over the last year, there was a plate of deviled eggs. Also at the antique shops and re-sale shops I have been finding plates made especially to display deviled eggs.
The symbolism of the egg lends itself to the sphere shape I have been painting on.
I got some nice photos and look forward to working these images into new paintings.


Well, mostly yellow. Things are blooming and most of them are yellow. Since I am working on the black, white, gray and yellow globe this is very inspiring.