Friday, July 25

Frankenstein Friday

The one that got away. Actually most of them get away. Frankenstein works really hard finding the chipmunks, then chasing them around the yard. In the end they run for the fence.
Once the chippy is safely on the other side it will chatter at the Chug. Yeah, they laugh at him and rub it in!
foiled again!

Wednesday, July 23

sick day

I spent all of yesterday in bed...
Frankenstein kept me company...
We watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, about 5 more times. It is like honey in my tea! I am feeling a bit better today, but not 100% better yet. I am gearing up to get back in the studio. But taking it slow for now. Maybe we will watch it a few more times just to make sure I am on the road to recovery.

Tuesday, July 22

Tea with Dumbledore

I am sick, it sucks. I am missing so much.
Yesterday I watched Harry Potter (the last one) 4 times. I am going to go back in my cave and drink hot liquids and play it again..."Don't put away your wand Harry, they might come back", I am so lame, I know most of the dialog.
I took this cool photo of a bee on a zinnia, before I got sick. He was absolutely covered in pollen. I can't wait to feel well enough to get, that, into my work a bee. for now it is back to Hogwarts, for me.