Tuesday, October 27

34/52 52 weeks

I was going for a mean face and technically I didn't take this photo, Mr.Eleven did. But none the less, it is my entry for week 34 of my 52 week self portrait project. We had just finished a huge breakfast at some local joint. I ordered eggs Benedict but what I got was 'smothered and covered' Benedict! I swear there was enough Hollandaise sauce for a freakin army on my plate!--but I ate it. I ate it and was super-charged for our big day of antiquing. I found an awesome Phrenology Head I have been wanting one for years. It was thrilling to finally find one and take it home with me (You can see the top of it on my desk).

The other big find of the day was a chair for my new desk. Mr.Eleven found this cool blog before we left the house. I emailed the guy (Bart) about the office chair he had posted. He called me back after we had, hit a few Antique shops. He was just a few miles away and the Herman Miller Task Chair was in good shape and I could come check it out!--Yay!

It isn't the fanciest of Herman Miller furniture, but it is classic design and the colors are 'my colors' I sat on it and was in love! I like the fact that it has the Herman Miller name and logo stamped on the bottom of the seat--it makes me feel connected to greatness.

Here I sit, at my desk in my new chair (it has fantastic lumbar support I might add), the Phrenology head to my right. My office is starting to come together and as it does, it inspires me. Each new addition relates to the last. The color of the green stripe on my seat is the color I am going to paint the wall by my desk. It is also the color of my new coffee cup...

When I paint, this is how I work, I build on things I am attracted to...and so it goes, one baby step at a time...


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