Wednesday, August 19

The Storytelling Chair

My Summer project got a boost yesterday when I submitted my information to the nice folks at the Chair Affair. You can also view the progress of my chair here.

This process has been like taking a class and I am about to graduate (it is due September 1). I learned everything as I went along. Each problem was a challenge. Going through a process like this, builds ones confidence and strengthens determination. I am looking forward to doing more wood projects and combining my love of Folk Art and Conceptual Art. The best part about this project is it is for a great cause. I hope The Storytelling Chair does well at the auction!

I hope people take note of the concept. You are meant to listen to the story the chair tells you and then tell that story. I would love to hear those stories! It has been telling them to me throughout the process.

I am still working on the chair, just a few small things need to be tied as always friends,


*I am having camera troubles, so I am late on my self portrait this week. But rest assured, I have taken the photo but can't get it to soon as I get it worked out I will post it.