Friday, November 23

Frankenstein Friday

Truman has been enjoying the warm weather. She is our Diva. Frankenstein her stalker.
Whatever she does, where ever she goes, he is there

Thursday, November 22

Bird Men

Truman wasn't the only one who enjoyed the 70 degree weather yesterday. I set a tarp out on the lawn and had a vacation day. I read, but mostly, drew: Bird Men. Lots and lots of them.

I am thinking of doing a lino cut print of them for Holiday cards. I have an idea of them flying around a globe too...more projects!

Thursday is Kick Ass Chick Day

I used the same Paul Klee painting in this portrait of Jennifer as I am currently using in 16 +17. It was the only other time I used it. I just realized this fact. Having dinner with her last weekend must have brought this image to mind. In any case, Red Wine On Main Street is my Holiday offering...enjoy.


We had a lovely warm day yesterday. Warm enough for Truman to spend the day in the yard. She sunned on her hammock...
Took a stroll though the collard green and pepper patch...
Got all coy and cuddly...
...and enjoyed the view from the top.

Wednesday, November 21

Wonder Woman in a better light

Wonder Woman Wednesday

Wonder Woman Rocks!
16 +17 are moving right along. The color is way more intense and works better than it appears here. I mixed paint like I haven't mixed it in years. I think in NY time was such an issue. The paint went down fast everything was fast. Now, I am taking time to explore ideas and mix color. Things are getting more solid and stable.
I love working on the hard surface, it is slick and slippery. I think I would like painting on board. I will try that next. I have a bit of Damar Varnish in the medium so it is very shinny. It is coming along.

Tuesday, November 20

What is in the backyard?

Robins! There are lots of migrating birds hanging around the yard. But the Robins really make the most of their stay. It reminds me of the families who would come to the family campgrounds when I was a kid. They would take over the pool, dominate the sinks and only electric plug in the communal bathrooms and always seemed to travel with a few other families. They also always seemed to be having the most fun.

As house guests the Robins are entertaining. Robins love to bathe. At one point there were multiple robins in all 4 birdbaths and even some in the pond. They splash and make the most of bath time. They also eat lots of cherries and berries, I find the pits in the bottom of the bird baths. They get a little drunk from them and get loud just like we do.

Last year, we rented a house not too far from here. One Fall day I noticed the trees were full of birds. As I looked closer from branch to branch a patten appeared. White around the eye, red breast. There were over 100 Robins and they all seemed to be looking at me! It was like a seen from the movie The Birds...but they were all Robins. Some how this made them seem even more sinister. Like a tree full of clowns...creepy!

Sighting a Robin has always meant Spring to me. See a Robin and warmer weather is on it's way. Now, I think of them as out of town guests who come and make a ruckus. It is the season for house guests, holiday visitors keep this in mind. It is great to see you, but don't stay too long, keep the bathroom time to a minimum and eat cherries and berries responsibly.

Monday, November 19

A man for Monday

He will always be Wart Hog to me. Eric lived with us off and on for a few years. He loved Scotland, Soccer and identified with the Protestants. He told me not to use any Green (Green for Irish Catholic) in his portrait. I did as he asked. He pondered why his portrait had the least color and no flesh tones once it was done. All I could say was: It is without green.

16 + 17: Like a big hug

how I left things last night...
Second round...
First round...
The globe...
I went to Thomas Van Aukens great show at The Eric Schindler Gallery on Friday night. It is so refreshing to see an art show and feel that the painter has a relationship with, paint. It made me feel at home. It was all there, strong drawing and composition, skillful use of color and psychological tension. But what I love is, how clearly he set out problems for himself and explored them. Good job!

A friend was in town from NY. It was great to catch up with my old friend. But even more it was great to speak: New York. Blunt, loud and all of us yapping at the same time! It was the good kind of family reunion.

I also reconnected with an old friend from Detroit. I tracked her down via myspace. It has been over 10 years since we last spoke. But it felt like yesterday. All this familiarity is making me feel grounded...home.

This stability provided a solid platform for me to jump into the studio and work. I made progress on the globe. The cold weather is slowing the drying time of the paint. My NY studio/apt.'s steam heating was always on and always too hot. The paint would dry within hours. This dictated thin layered application.

Like the Ash Can School of painters, who put their work out on fire escapes in the winter, to slow drying time. Wet on wet thicker work will be the result, of the lack of heat in my new studio. I am loving it! Slippery, wet, glorious paint!

14 +15 went up on the clothes line, and 16 +17 burst onto the canvas. No surprise about the color of the new work, Fall. All the color that surrounds me. All that is around me, like a big hug.