Friday, December 12

ok, I will play...

The lovely ms. Brown has tagged me with a task. I have to list 6 random things about myself. Since I like to out myself when I do silly things this is right up my alley. In the spirit of this, I am posting this horrid photo of me, with the Chug. Frankenstein will cover the cute in this post and the Frankenstein Friday element.

1. I held the record for longest field goal kicker in my grade school.

2. I was on the synchronized swim team in High school.

3. I was in girl scouts when I was a Junior in High school.

4. My favorite stuffed animal when I was a kid was a huge frog named Hoggie Frogie.

5. I too (like my friend Mrs. Brown) used to bring on psychosomatic symptoms every time we had to play baseball in school. I was in the nurses office on a weekly basis, during baseball season. I hated playing baseball!

6. I broke my collar bone playing football when I was in 7th grade. I jumped up to catch the ball and a much bigger boy landed on me.

So there you have it nerdy-nerd nerd...that is me!

Thursday, December 11

back for more...

He was just out there again! I think he came to the same conclusion as I life, no more fish. But, it was cool to see him again.
I had to take the photo through the window covered in rain drops, so it is a bit fuzzy.

Sawdust and Dobermans

Last week I spent most of my time in the studio sanding boards. Twice as I was exiting a huge Heron flew past me. I had disturbed it's goldfish hunting in our pond. It was thrilling seeing the big bird so up close and personal.

On our recent trip to my folks home, as we were making seafood linguine. As I was scrubbing the clam shells, I commented on how I could feel the life in the tightly closed shells. Dad didn't buy it. I think you can feel life, the weight and something 'lifey', there.

Well, now when I look at my pound, I can feel, it is empty. There is no life in it, no goldfish life. The Heron took the last of them, I just know it, I feel it. Just an empty shell, water and algae.

I was also laughing the other day at something my brother said while we were in MI. It was my favorite observation of our trip. He simply asked: Is Frankenstein a Doberman?
I love this because in Frankenstein's mind, Yes!..yes he is a big intimidating 1970's meanest dog on the block, Doberman!

I am still playing carpenter. I wear my Carhartt flannel lined paints and a flannel shirt. I get covered in sawdust and use power tools! When the work is over and I can barely move at the end of the day, I do like any carpenter would: I crack a beer and feel complete.


Tuesday, December 9

Pull up your pants kid!

I posted this little clip on my Flickr page yesterday. It got picked up by a stream called: more saggers found on the web. They have another set called: me sagging. I thought that was pretty funny.

Monday, December 8

pretty birds-thirsty birds

birds 093
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Waxwings and Robins come by for a drink on a cold Winter day.

Squirrel Food

I heard a story on the radio the other day about how this year the acorn crop is way down. So the squirrels have a limited natural food supply this year. In response I am letting up on guarding the bird food from the little guys this Winter. I always feed them. But now my policy is, if you can get at it, it is yours. I find this guy each morning, in a similar position. I guess the peanut hearts are worth it.

ice skating people

ice skating people
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After our visit to watch little Remik's Hockey practice Mr. Eleven decided he wanted to get back into skating. So we bought him some new skates and he went to the rink on Friday night. Well, it turns out Friday night at the rink is just like it was when we were young...teen date night!..Needless to say, he didn't last long.
We went again Sunday afternoon. He wont let me take photos of him till he feels more confident. But he did really well! Here is a sample of the goings on. It was really fun. I may even get on the ice next time!