Wednesday, February 11

count down....

Amazingly enough we hung the entire show yesterday! It took all day, but we did it. I am very pleased. I didn't take any photos yet, but the awesome Ms. Holly Brown will document it all very soon.
It is quite an instillation, there is art on the floor walls and ceiling!
If you can make it:

Eric Schindler Gallery
2305 East Broad St.
Richmond VA 23223

opening reception:
Friday the 13th, 7-9pm

wed-fri 12-3pm
sat 11-4pm
or by appointment

there will be eggs!

Tuesday, February 10

No fear Velvet Peanut Butter is pure!

Fresh, Pure and Delicious....I love those guys! If you grew up in Detroit in the 70's this is what you ate. Apparently they just started making it again. I am all for local foods and supporting local biz. So big up's to Velvet!..and cool local labels.

props to the boys...

Mr. Eleven and Jarvis did boy chores this weekend. The sun is a great motivator. Big up's too half of Canadian Lady!
I saw all of Canadian Lady play last night, so big ups to all Y' a'boot that!

*I am gearing up to take a load of art to the gallery...can't wait to start hanging it!


Monday, February 9

WORLD BALL the journey...

It has been a 2 year quest to WORLD BALL.
I thought I would share how I came up with the name. The easy answer is Remik my nephew called the globe a World Ball when he was very young. When I heard that, I loved it as a title, but I had to do a bit of research to confirm it. I turned to Google, to check out the term WORLD BALL.
The first link I found was this. Kind of a neat thing, not the exact connection I was hoping for, but cool in it's own way. So I kept digging.

The next find almost made me ditch the title altogether. But if you look at Isabeau's Home page, under Xperimental (her spelling) puppetry theater, Vertical man Loves Horizontal woman is kind of neat. Isabeau is most defiantly the queen bee in a very strange world, but I like the black and white strips and general weirdo-ness. But I still kept looking, the title was now tittering on a thin thread.

Then I found this cool world ball....I especially love that it is a 2-D map turned into a 3-D sculpture....hummmm, we are on to something here!

Next I found this and it sealed the deal!

Athens, GA (April 25, 2007) — Plans are underway for the 23rd annual Gardens of the World Ball set for Saturday, May 5, 2007, at The State Botanical Garden of Georgia. Sponsored by the Garden’s Board of Advisors, the premier fund-raising event will take guests on a whimsical journey through magical lands as three beloved stories of American literature unfold — The Wizard of Oz, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and Peter Pan. On this enchanted evening, the tales will combine to form one epic legend featuring The Land of Oz, Wonderland and Neverland.

I am not much into Peter Pan but The Land of OZ and Wonderland are my stomping grounds! A mash-up of things to make another thing, hey I do that! This silly rich people party,(for a good cause) sealed the deal!

So that is how I found my way to WORLD BALL.