Friday, January 16

Frankenstein Friday part 2

...sleepy Chug
It is super cold out, so he is doing his napping under the covers.

Frankenstein Friday

Frankenstein is stretching, because he is board with all this art stuff. The lovely and photographerific Holly Brown came by yesterday and took photos of all the art work.
You can tell she did a great job, she merges with the work in a wonderful way. One of the photos she took will soon appear on a postcard. It is all so exciting!
Onward...and a lovely weekend to all.

Tuesday, January 13

Fat chinese baby=happy tummy!

Yesterday I hit the wall. Too much stress! So I took charge. I joined sparkpeople. Yes I did! Later in the day Mr. Eleven and I did our weekly shopping at the Chinese Market rather than the regular Super Market. Not only is it cheaper, the veggies healthier looking but, I love the labels and packaging. Healthy boy!...makes me happy!
I am working on show presentation. Pulling things together. That means I have to pull myself together too!