Friday, March 28

Yesterdays drawings

I did this one at the airport while waiting for Mr. Eleven to arrive. I happened to have a pad of paper and a ball point pen in my purse.

Frankenstein Friday

Since I posted one Frankenstein photo and Miss Judy posted two yesterday, I thought my little cartoon could stand in for the chug today. The sharpie shows through from the drawing on the next page. It is a bunny and a cat. It looks like Frankenstein is thinking about them.
Mr. Eleven blew back into town last night, after being away all week. We have lots of, To-do, things to catch up on. It will be good for me to take a day off from sanding.
The globes are almost there, almost ready for the next step. I will take the leap from, 3-D sphere sanding: Sculpture, to 2-D image making: Painting. I long for it! Onward!

Thursday, March 27

In the yard

I wasn't alone in the yard yesterday. It was hot out so the Green bean got to get some sun from her hammock perch.
Frankenstein's job is to keep an eye on her. He is very good at this. When she gets warmed up she gets active and wants to roam. If she pushes against the cage to try and get out, Frankenstein pushes his nose back from the outside. He keeps her in line! It is a tiring job.
She also gets time to roam in the collard green patch. Yesterday she hung out by the pond for a while. The Chug tries to strong arm her if she moves too far or fast. She is his flock and he herds her.
Truman's color get very intense after she has been in the sun for a while. A combination of turquoise, yellow greens and mauve grays. She loves to watch the birds and fish. She really comes to life out side. Before we moved here I don't think she had ever been outside.

Yesterdays drawings

Yesterday the gang went bungee jumping. This guy is standing on the edge of a bird bath..

Sanding spheres all day yesterday and well into the night. It is helping me to slow down and focus. In NY my life and work were hurried, no time for details, get it done and move on. Now I am learning to slow down see the little things, take some time to work things out. The addition of nature in my life has been huge. For a New Yorker I was very aware of nature. My dog walking biz took me to river side parks, dog runs and the mother of all parks, Central Park, daily. For the first time in my adult life I have my own yard. It is a whole new world. Yesterday I sat by our little pond and drew these guys. I am getting to know them better everyday.

Wednesday, March 26

Yesterdays drawings

I want his sweater!
Ruthless behavior in Bee-man land! I put make-up on these guys. I figured if they are going through all this trouble putting on these elaborate costumes, fancy face paint would be a must!

Most of the day was spent sanding spheres. They really are sculptures. Late last night after endless hours of sanding and priming I thought, it is a shame to paint on these! Arg! I am falling in love with the surface. But that is a good thing. We are courting, these objects and I. Things are just getting started...Fasten your seat belts!

Tuesday, March 25


I thought I should try a thin line pen rather than the fatter sharpie I have been using. This is my first try. the birdman world, is coming to life! I am having a blast with these. It is really taking the edge off, my hunger to paint.

The globes are giving me a hard time. I sand and prime them while listen to NPR. They talk about the global environment as I do damage control on my globes.

It reminded me of a friend who worked at a small chocolate shop. Christmas was a very busy time for them. They had to make endless amounts of hand made chocolates. One of the beautiful and tasty treats were chocolate globes filled with various fillings. She had to cast chocolate globe half's, glue them together with chocolate and finally one by one fill them. Weeks and weeks of this process. She related the dialog in her head: making worlds, filling worlds, over filling them and crushing worlds! It was a very powerful position to be in!

I make these little drawings and they look like cute doodles. But it is a place. I visit and try and learn from the creatures there. I am just getting to know these new friends and the world they live in.

Monday, March 24

Luke I am your father...

I got this respirator this weekend. It is comfortable in spite of how it looks. Frankenstein isn't too sure about it. He cocked his head and gives me that look, that says, what are you doing now, crazy lady! I am sanding spheres and making progress!

Birdman evolution

The birdmen I have been obsessively drawing have evolved into, well, these guys. They seem to be men in bird suits, bee suits, flower suits and even worm suits (not shown).

I think I will try and post one a day. Today I posted 4 as an introduction. I have a book full and as long as I can keep fresh Sharpies and note books in the house, more will come. Last week I was going nuts because of all the process required for the Globe projects. Doing these little illustrations is taking the edge off. I am jonesing to paint!