Friday, February 6

cedar waxwings

The cold has brought our friends the Waxwings back. One of these days I am actually going to get a good photo of them, cadmium red and yellow tips and all! There were about 20 here, along with around 30 Robins, (who take baths even when the temp is in the teens, they dig the heated birdbath) some Bluebird and a few Grackles. They are all big drinkers, just like these guys.

Frankenstein Friday

nap time.

Wednesday, February 4

mini vaca to Bee-Man Land

While I was waiting for Mr. Eleven in the Waiting room at the Dr.'s office this morn, I took the opportunity to visit Bee-Man Land. I had just started the drawing above, so it is incomplete.
I did two others besides these two. But they will only load in the Blog screw that! I miss all the guys there in Bee-Man Land. It is nice to know I can jump back and feel at home anytime.

In other big news, I am mounting the bases for the globes. I'll leave it at is a mystery to me too. My list is getting shorter. The 13th, to getting closer.


Tuesday, February 3

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Eleven aka: Americas Favorite Plus Sized Rock and Roll Playboy, aka: Then Big Irish Head!


well, it is almost gone, but what a lovely site. The snow is melting so fast now it looks like it is actually snowing. It is hard to believe that just this weekend it was in the 60's. Truman even took a walk around the yard and chomped on greens in the collard green patch. Change happens, in big and small ways all the time.

If there is anyone out there who I did not send a post card, send me your address...I still have some stamps left. At the last show I had in NY, someone took my guest book and address I am trying to form a new list. Thanks!

I am still sick but denying it. got to keep moving on....on...onward!

Monday, February 2


Ivan Hot Buns is the name of this painting, the United Province of Ivandandia is his new Blog. Guaranteed to make you laugh and see things through the weird and wonderful perspective of Ivan! Check it out!

Progress report. I am either sick or am having some sort of allergy attack...I can't afford this right now! Sneezing, coughing, nose blowing and a muffled perspective. It sucks! I talked to my dad on the phone this weekend, he told me they are all sick up there in MI...I really think I caught my cold from him! The power of suggestion?...Empathy?...guilt?...who knows. For now, I am trying not to drip on delicate drawings as I put things together for WORLD BALL. That and drinking lots of tea and eating citrus fruits.
On....sniff, snort...ward!