Thursday, November 13


Slowly coming along...
Yesterday after a long day of working on Globe 5. Mr. Eleven emerged from his cave. He took one look at the globe and said, "I liked the color better yesterday, why would you change it"? Why indeed! Then he went back into his hibernation.

The truth is I liked it better yesterday too. But that isn't how it works. In order for a painting to have any life, there has to be a dialog. It indicates what it needs and I have to respond. It is not one sided. In fact it is many sided and a sphere. That is why it is so important to remain open and alert during the process, I have to react to these indications, from the globe, my surroundings, technical knowledge and life experience. My job is to be well informed of possible actions and solutions as well as being willing to take risks. Above all possessing the skill to carry it out.

I know these things. Yet it is a delicate balance and sometimes all it takes is an innocent comment, to send me and the globe crashing into desperation!

But not today.

There is too much to get depressed about to even flirt with that monster! I would rather look at puppies! Be inspired by the willingness of so many to seek a new direction in the face of truly scary things. To be inspired by that, faith. To see the small victories that occur around me. Like a little boy learning how to go number one standing up, for the first time!...(hooray for Angus!)

What I do isn't as grand as peeing standing up, for the first time. But I think it is important. But more important is synthesizing these elements and brave moments. Even if sometimes the color was better yesterday.

and onward we go....

Wednesday, November 12

Look Puppies!

I just found this...a live feed of puppies! Check it out...I am going to keep it on my computer screen while I paint. I love puppies!


I am keeping my head down and working. It doesn't look like much, but it feels right.


Tuesday, November 11


I got some color moving through the globe yesterday. Building it up slowly. It is coming along...


It's cold!

Frankenstein got a new coat!
It has a backpack, is reversible, has a hood and little pants that zip on the end for extra cool weather (not shown).

Frankenstein still thinks 32 degrees is too cold for a Chug.
TBIH thinks this backpack is perfect for hauling one beer for daddy.
I think I want a matching snowsuit!

Monday, November 10

another day another globe...

I got a very good start on the new globe. This is Globe 5. Somehow I was calling the last one Globe 5 but it is really Globe 4. None of this matters to anyone but me. But somehow I keep getting the numbers mixed up. In any case it is coming along quite well.

I love the surface and how the oil paint is going down on it. It feels good. This globe came from Jarvis. It was gathering dust in his moms back room. It is larger than the others and some how seems rounder. I hope I can find some more globes this size. I think I am going to have to start looking at resale shops for globes. The others, I found at Target. But they aren't carrying cardboard globes anymore. The last time I was there they only had metal cartoon looking ones. They make the continents look cute, more chubby and rounded and in raise relief. None of these things suits my purposes.

This one comes at an interesting time in world events. I was worried how to deal with all the change that is in the air. I have been painting about 'Change' since I left NY. It has gone from personal change to a time of change over the last year. Now it is really happening! Wow! Like anything else it is better to just live it and not talk about it. To my surprise once I loaded my brush with paint, images filled the four corners of my little globe quickly. It just change...
so here we go...