Tuesday, February 9

47 of 52 weeks

I cut my hair. That means I am making a fresh start. Perhaps longing for Spring inspired me, as if cutting my hair will bring the warmer weather our way.

Here I am sitting at my new desk. That's my dear friend Sally with her dog Jack in the first photo I placed on the new board. Check it out, it's a cool cork board I made out of salvaged corks. Yes, Mr.Eleven and I did drink all that wine.

I have been drawing a lot and will start sharing soon. I need to work some stuff out. It hurts and is hard--blah, blah, blah... I am searching for the joy. When I feel bogged down by what I am working on, I stop, regroup and head off in a new direction. Keeping loose keeping light and digging deeper each time I go back to it.