Monday, September 14

Over the Summer Months I used the time to work on The Story Telling Chair. It was a terrific project, for a great cause and it came just when I needed it. By focusing on learning a new set of skills I got to spend an entire Summer in Bee-Man Land. I did one painting over the summer and it is in a good home now.

I was starting to get worried because Target stopped carrying the globes I was using to painting on. They were about a third cheaper than I could find anyplace else and perfect for my needs. A week ago I found 2 globes in the, 'back to school' section at Target and nabbed them! I will have to start the long process of sanding and priming them.

In addition to the globes I have a few paintings that need to be framed. I will attempt this with my new found Wood working skills...if not skills, the confidence I now have to give it a try!

I have a Mobil project I am working on with my mom. I drew some shapes and she cut them out of clay and glazed them in her studio in MI and shipped them to me. I am working out how they will hang before we make a final set of shapes. I love the ceramic shapes and can see them working in various ways.

Whew! that is the game plan for Fall. Plus a few other things that are rattling around in my brain.

The photo of the Bee is because two weeks ago, I was mowing our lawn and got attacked and stung 3 times. Mr. Eleven says it couldn't have been bees because there wasn't any stingers left in my body. So we think it was one or a few Wasps. Here I am dreaming about Bee-Man Land and painting bees and I get attacked! It made me think of those jerks who live with bears or some other wild animal and think they are, 'friends' till the bear does what a bear does naturally! I still love my bees and wasps too, I respect them even more. I finally got my nerve up to Finnish the lawn yesterday. Thankfully I did it without getting stung. I wanted to link to a great little article my friend sent me on a guy who rates stings like a wine connoisseur, I can't seem to get it to link but the title is: Oh Sting, Where is Thy Death? Happy Days Blog,

Lots to do! I look to the bees for inspiration, they are working now, just out side my window. I guess if this were a magical story I would make extra special amazing Bee Art from now on, because I was stung by bees and have them in my blood!..HA! Maybe I would turn into a Bee and see the world as a bee during full moons...Maybe I would end up living in Bee-Man Land forever, and make drawings of Man-man land...
One thing for sure is, it is time to work, work like the bees!

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