Friday, August 8

more, small things that make me happy...

My new clutch purse! I just got it yesterday and I love it.

I found it at my friend Noelle's etsy shop. I went there because Mrs. Brown posted about it. She is a cool, smart, funny person with great taste, so I went browsing. I bought a wonderful necklace from Noelle last year, it makes me feel pretty. If you know me, that is a huge accomplishment!
The purse is handmade, of a soft leather, the dark color is a gray-green similar to the grays I have been using in my paintings. The inside is the same light gray found on my pallet. The craftsmanship is outstanding, delicate detail, like I try to pull off. The connection that I love the most, that I didn't see in the photos, is, the depth, softness and poetry of the little object.

It is just a little thing and I love it! is as if it were always here...welcome home little purse.


Purl Scout said...

you make me blush with the compliments, ms. st peter. but just so you know it, the feeling is mutual. and that noelle...what an amazing artist/craftsman she is. i am so happy you got that purse. i am pining for the brown one, and plan to get that thing before it's gone. her aesthetic rings true for me, too. its funny...your art and hers just hit me in the right spot. its only fitting that you'd like her stuff, too, then isn't it? :)

Anonymous said...

Yes! Noelle has it!...I love the brown one too! But I had to get the gray one, because there were too many connections not to. I like to place my purse place where I can gaze upon it..I know I am a nutter! But I love it!
I would love to be gazing upon a certain Armsies Monster..hint hint. Now that is something that rings true!

Purl Scout said...

its coming atcha. hang in there.