Tuesday, August 5

globes 5 and 6

A few months back my friend Jarvis lent me his palm sander, for a log sanding project I have going. I haven't used the sander till today. He also donated 3 globes he had stashed at his folks house. The globes will be 4, 5 and 6 of my globe series. Today I got the bright idea of using the sander on the globes. On the first globes, I sanded by hand. Well, the sander works like a dream! Continents be gone!..no more mountains, just smooth round spheres!

Once the topography is sanded down the two hemisphere's need to be re-glued together. Most globes are held together with a tung and grove joint and a thin strip of plastic tape, or the equator. Once the tape is removed the globe needs to be glued to hold its shape ( that is what is going on in the photo).
The other globes took about a month to get prepped. So far with the help of the sander, I think I can get these guys ready in a few days! I love power tools!

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