Wednesday, August 6

What is in the back yard....

This is pretty horrible and graphic...I was taking a break from sanding and looked out the kitchen window. I saw this! A hawk. not sure what kind yet, I'll look it up later. He was strangling this poor dove. The dove is looking up at him. When the dove stopped looking, the hawk flew away with him.
This morning the plants in the pond were all knocked over...I wonder if this guy tried to nab one of my fish? I did a head count and all the fish are safe. It seems whenever we are under drought conditions the hawks come and hunt in my yard. We are on voluntary water restrictions now. I hope we get some rain! Or, I will have to post more photos like this. The Hawk is so cool a pretty, but I feel bad for the dove and it's partner, who is now single.
Here is a photo of our frog, he lives by the pond. I see him every day. Just a bit of relief from the brutality of the photos above.

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