Thursday, August 7

coming round

Yes, I am still sanding. It is an interesting process. Taking a geometric shape and making it round. I was thinking of a quote I once herd by Michelangelo. In it he talks about uncovering the sculptural form that already exists in the marble. He simply removed what was not needed. Sanding the globes is like that in a way, obviously not as complex and what I am uncovering is a known. My job is simply to find the sphere. Believe me it makes it self known and when it does it is thrilling. A magical moment when the lumpy geometric form becomes a near perfect object. I am falling in love with the surface, its shell like quality, strong yet fragile, solid yet thin and hollow. All this, and I haven't even started painting them yet!
I am hopping to get all 3, round, by the end of the day...better get sanding!...Onward!

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