Thursday, May 8

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Galleries and artists in Santa Fe are literally everywhere. There are huge big name galleries and many more small scale ones. We spent one day at the Plaza. If you Google, Plaza Galleries List Santa Fe, you will see what I mean. I took notes of the artists and galleries I liked and somehow I can't locate it anywhere...bummer.
The galleries all seemed to show a variety of very different work at the same time. The galleries them selfs are in old homes, on one endless street. Each room has a different artist work in it, for the most part. So just because there is a crappy work in the front window it is worth it to go in.
I wasn't bold enough to take photos in the galleries so I just have these images from the outside of things.
Here is Sally taking a load off at this up scale sculpture gallery. There chairs are made of large stones and metal. Super comfortable. They also carried the work of Bruce Newell .
I like his sculptures a lot especially the small horse studies inside the gallery. It was a more corporate gallery. All the women who worked there looked like they should be in a new hit TV show called: Sex in the Lipstick Sculpture Park!
We had a blast at the Cruz Gallery. This sculpture is out front. I didn't read who made it but it reminds me of Nathan Olivera's work. We think, but were not sure if the guy working the gallery was also the artist. In any case,we both loved the work by: Richard Campiglio. He and Sally chatted it up in Spanish while I took in the work.
I lost most of the artist names that I wrote down. There is one I can't get out of my head. It was a women and we met her and I believe the gallery had her name ( I keep thinking it started with a T...). She told us her gallery would soon be moving up the block...that is all I remember. Her work was reminiscent of Milton Avery. Her work was great!
I did find Denise and Samuel Wallace scratched in to my note book. I believe they are from Seattle and are jewelers. A lot of their work has men in animals and animals in, more inspiration for me!
I lost a gallery day due to Altitude sickness. I never would have believed it could effect me so, but it did. I was dizzy and tingly and so light headed I couldn't move for a day and a half. Sally pumped me full of vitamin C and E and tons of water. Next time I will give myself a few extra buffer days, to adjust. I promise next time I will take better notes and see even more!

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