Monday, May 5

more of my trip....

Sally's house is pretty spectacular. The walls are done in diamond plaster. Pretty much like the globes I am working on. Basically that is plaster mixed in with the paint. It makes a hard shell like surface. She has some of her work hanging on the walls. There is lots of light.
This is the view from her kitchen. The windows go beyond the view of this photo, in either direction, so you get a panoramic view of the dessert.
this is the view from the back porch. The horse stables are just beyond the shrubberies. The hummingbird came to feed all day long.

In the front she has this amazing walled in court yard. She is planting aromatic herbs there. It is a place protected from the high winds that whip across the open landscape. A place where things can grow. It is a sanctuary.

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