Monday, May 5

more of my trip....

Sally lives with 2 chihuahuas and a big cat named Gato. Here is Zoe in the courtyard. Zoe was an orphan when Sally met her in town with her foster mother. She is the same age as Frankenstein. She is super girly and sweet. She was my partner. I walked her and Sally walked the other dog, Jack. At night we snuggled together. She was my vacation sweetheart!

This is Jack, he is from NY. He is prematurely going grey. It makes him look like a strange Desert creature. He reminds me of a tiny little antelope.
Every day we took them for a walk.
They are both about a third of the size of Frankenstein. But Frankenstein like me has big feet and a sturdy build. Now in comparison to Jack and Zoe he looks like a Rottweiler dog to me.

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