Friday, May 9

Frankenstein Friday

Since I have been home, I have been working on getting my garden and path finished. I had to remove a lot of sod to make the garden areas. I started adding sod randomly to the top of this old dog house. I figured it would keep it cool in there and help it blend in with the yard. Well, after a while the mound turned into an animal. I think the landscape in NM influenced me a bit.
I couldn't make a head work so I just planted this day lily in it's place. I know I am a nutter! The boys think little natives with spears should come running out of the pineapple-head mountain to attack us all.
But Frankenstein gets it. It is a nice cool place just for him!
King of the Big Dog-dog house!
I thought it was a Lion. But Mr. Eleven says it is a, Big Dog-dog House.

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