Wednesday, May 7

Damn you Date girl!!

Damn you Date girl! My good friend Judy tagged me! Normally I would just blow this off but for some reason it being Judy I just can't. The Rules are simple:

1. pick up the nearest book

2. turn to page 123.

OK, all the books nearest me are art books so I had to pick up a few before I found one with words, and a page 123. The book that fit was: Mauve, How One Man Invented a Color That Changed the World. Not such a sexy book, but, I had it out and I play by the rules.

3. Find the fifth sentence.

Got it...

4. Post the next three sentences

5. Tag five people and acknowledge who tagged you.

Here we go:
Perkin's colors traveled the world on postage stamps. When, in the mid-1860's, the American Civil War caused a severe cotton famine, dye firms were forces to look for new markets. In Lancashire, the firm of Roberts, Dale & Co. had a significant break through when its chemist Heinrich Caro struck up a relationship with the London banknote and stamp-printing firm Thomas De la Rue.

I tagged and I hated doing it: Snake oil emporium also know as: The Greek or, Date girls man. I love his writing he has some great stories on his blog. Please forgive me Spryo!
Hungry Hyaena, my friend Christopher. Because I want to see what book he picks up. Shots Up To Date, my dear over worked Robin, who doesn't need anything else on her plate and here I am giving her this! Boy I suck. But I love Robin! Beltway Confidential, Julie who I go to for the inside scoop on all things Political. She is friends with Judy and I think Between Spryo and Julie, Judy will catch enough crap she will never do this to us again! My last choice is Brown Momma or Brown town Low down, Hollis is smart funny and a kick ass chick! She makes me happy, so in return I pick her, to share in this game of tag...or is it hell!?


rv said...

i did it! it was fun. it was more fun than getting my shit together for my hospital shift tomorrow, for sure.

Purl Scout said...

welcome back, tracey. now...bite me! :) i am responding to my tag right now. as luck would have it, the author of the book i am currently reading seems fascinated with the usage of more than ten line run-on sentences.