Tuesday, December 2

a place for everything...

Truman has more things to look at today. I am folding the old art into our new life. A lot of it landed in Truman's room.
The top painting is one my mom painted sometime in the 1960's, the bottom painting is one I painted of my friend Eric in the 1990's. I like the yellows together.

When I was a kid I had the Three phases of motherhood painting in my room. TBIH noted it was a rather dark painting for a kids room. But I loved it and chose to have it in my room! As I remember it mom said: The center woman has just had her baby and is happy...the woman on the right is contemplative and by time we get to the left side she has gone bonkers! I think maybe growing up with this painting in my room, influenced my aversion to motherhood!
Truman with group of self portraits...
The collage is one my x-sister in law made. She made awesome work, I am happy I am lucky enough to have one. MY dad made the small two-toned pot. I love it! The cobalt glass is an old treasure I found and am very happy to be reunited with.

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