Tuesday, December 2

...more old work

Cat in the Bath
Egg Farm
All 4 of these paintings are approximately 4'x5' and were painted in the late 1980's

These are the 4 larger scale paintings I brought home from MI. I painted all of them sometime in the end of the 1980's. They are representative of the work I did in art school before I went to Europe. Before I experienced what art really is and what it means to me. It seems like a funny thing to say. Since I grew up in a home with an artist and had made visits to the Detroit Institute of Art from an early age, as well as going to art school literally on the same block as the Museum. Eating lunch in its courtyard just about everyday. But it took a semester of intense study and travel through Europe for it to really sink in. For me to see.

There is a strong religious theme combined with the mundane labors of ordinary life. I like the washing machine lid as halo! Yes, I did work at an egg farm....

That painting brings back memories of eggs relentlessly rolling towards me, as I managed to place each little egg in it's rightful home...small, large, extra large or jumbo carton. The chickens were not actually running under foot, they were on the other side of a swinging door. Boy could those Chickens make a ruckus! Also they were stinky...super stinky! Resulting in the Bath painting...

After a long hard morning at the egg farm, I was one smelly lady! The first thing I did when I got home was take all my clothes off quickly shut them into a bag in the closet. Then take a long bath. My cat Balou love to walk on the edge of the tub. He fell in a few times.

I never did work in a circus, yet it was also a big theme in my work for a long time. The personage figures are fore bearers of the Beeman drawings I do now. It all comes around in the end.

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