Monday, December 1

more loot...

These are some of the smaller work from Grad School. They are all of me and mostly I am in my under pants. In the larger ones I am usually at one of my day jobs (I worked about 3 or 4 jobs at a time to get through school). Like working at the launderette, in my under pants, or working at the Egg Farm (I will shoot photos of the larger ones when I can).

The one with the red frame is an old fav and I will keep this one. I really hope I can sell the rest. I had a thing for soft frames back then. From the gathered satin ones to this red velvet one. I even used Toilet seat covers, the old furry kind (do they still make those?) for frames.
I painted myself as the clown a lot back then (as I have been doing lately with the Pierrot figure from Watteau, on the globes and small sq. paintings). The other 2 figures are my painting advisers, Jan and Micheal. I have spoken of them before. They were extremely influential on my growth not only as artists, but, as an artists living in the world. I think in the painting they are balancing on balls, but I as the clown am floating off mine.
This is a sweet little painting. One of the few I am not in. It is fun, thick and rich...just a day at the beach.

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