Monday, October 27

Happy Birthday Blog

Saturday was the blogs birthday. I finished the small square painting 4, on that day. Over breakfast,while TBIH was eating a bagel and reading the paper. It is sometimes a real drag trying to maintain concentration painting in the heart of in the house, the Kitchen. On Saturday, It all came together in the best way, over bagels and coffee.

For years I have longed to paint a Fall painting, with the colors of the season...this one happened with out me trying. I think that is the only way it can happen and be real.

I have been thinking about the year, for the blog, what I have learned the what has happened, the highlights...but now that it is the actual day, I got nothing. Just like my birthday, nothing. Just another day. I am not feeling nostalgic, nor wise, or very wordy for that matter. I am just feeling like I need to keep working, in pictures....I am in a visual faze...

So Happy Birthday Blog!
What time is is?
Time to make some art!


Purl Scout said...

happy birthday, blog! and happy BIRTH day, painting!
what gorgeous colors. you continue to amaze me.

Anonymous said...

I thought giving birth to a 18' square painting on my kitchen counter while TBIH was chomping on a bagel was impossible...but I am pleased with the new one!
My Fall painting!
The blog thanks you too! We are all older here, and I hope a little wiser.