Tuesday, October 28

color as nutrution

During the time I was working on this globe TBIH and I took a day trip to Philly. I spent most of my day, in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I reawakened my love of Indian Miniature paintings. After the visit I spent hours looking at the Museums image base . I don't think I completely pulled off what I was going for, but I like the idea of pursuing this avenue.
Yesterday I heard from an old pal I know from my life in Brooklyn. Nina, sent me a link to her photo stream and it blew me away! She travels around the world and takes the most amazing photos...the color is breath taking. I am so inspired...I can't wait to get another painting started and attempt to tap into the rich color, for inspiration. Color as nutrition...yummy!

Also, TBIH linked The Hundred Dresses Project to my web site, last night. That means, by going to : http.//traceystpeter.com/ you will be directed to the blog, THDP. Over the next few weeks I will set up the web site, with images of my work. It will be stuff I have posted here and on the photo stream, only no Chug, bees or Big Irish Heads...just art.

I just spoke to Kirsten Gray from The Eric Schindler Gallery, we are setting the date for my show. I am 90% sure it will open on the second Friday in Feb....that is Friday the 13th...spooky..I love it..and can't wait! I will let you know when the date is officially confirmed.


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