Tuesday, October 28


This is why Frankenstein isn't allowed out in the yard without a chaperon! We just went out back for some air. A huge Hawk whooshed by my face, flying low. I couldn't tell what type it was but it was big, real big, with some light reddish brown feathers. Frankenstein and I found a nice sunny spot in the yard, it was so peaceful. My heart rate was almost back to normal. Then I looked down and saw this! The bottom jaw is gone. I am hoping the Hawk comes back for his, lunch. I would rather not have to deal with it. No yard time for the Chug, for a while...yuck!

Update: He came back, or I should say she. It is a female Circus cyaneus or Northern Harrier. She dragged the squirrel behind some flowers and is in the process of ripping it apart. She is gorgeous!
I am very curious to see what if anything she leaves behind.


Purl Scout said...

those things don't fuck around. i was at the playground with the kids, right up by carytown, just a spinnin' round on the merry go round and then i noticed IT. right there, about 10 feet from a whirling yellow disk filled with gleefully screaming children, was a huge hawk stiffling the life out of a fresh kill.

tony always joked me about my beflief that a bird of prey could make off with one of our dogs or a baby. but now he knows. now you all know!!!

(ok, so maybe not our kids now that they've grown a bit...but seriously....a small dog or baby would make a good heavy meal for a big meat eating bird. keep the chug close!)

Anonymous said...

when my friend moved to NM people on the street warned her that birds of prey have and will swoop down and take a dog, leaving you holding an empty leash!

I swear, after it flew by my face I panicked and looked for Frankenstein. Of course I didn't see him. So I frantically called him and looked in the sky for the return of the Hawk!

I think the kids are over the size limit now...you can cross that one off the mommy list!

It was weird, while the hawk was eating the squirrel all the birds and even other squirrels came out and feed just feet from the hawk. She isn't a greedy or evil bird, just hungry and one squirrel is the perfect meal portion.