Wednesday, October 29

Armsies the Monster and friends

..sorry about the glare...this is Armsies the Monster, it was drawn by Angus. Good friend of Frankenstein and all around great kid! I traded a sculpture Beeman with his super cool mom for it. Armsies is hanging in my living room with the rest of the work for my show. It is something for me to aspire to. I absolutly love it and strive to make work so direct and powerful. Armsies makes me very happy!
Here are the square paintings as they hang, in my livingroom. I just got 2 new square panels, the same size, that will need to be primed and sanded before I can paint on them.
Here is another look at 4. It is dry now and less glarey than before. The color is very differnt than the first 3. But isn't that like Fall? All of a sudden there are these rich colors you don't see the rest of the year, and they only last for a few weeks befor, you have to rake or blow the dead color reamins to the curb. These colors make me want to eat cookies and wear TBIH's sweaters. Armsies!


Purl Scout said...

this makes my heart all aflutter with pride and joy for my pride and joy.

Anonymous said...