Thursday, September 11

September Eleventh...

A day of remembrance. What comes back to me from that day most clearly and most often is the sky that day. Most recounts begin with it--It was a perfect sky...the perfect blue, clear, just a hint of Fall in the air...a day where you felt like nothing could go wrong.
Well as we all know things went terribly wrong. My personal journey that day, the images that are burned in my mind, are personal. What I want to think of today is how we came together. That feeling that all of us have a common ideal, that we were one. There is a lot of division going on right now. That dark cloud is like the one that invaded our lovely NY skyline. It was like a monster leaning towards Brooklyn for days. We could smell it, we knew what it was.
With it looming over our heads we came together. In my case (this part is personal) it was, at The Brooklyn Ale House, where I had an art opening just days after, 'it' happened. It was the first time a lot of us even spoke out loud, and boy did we ever. We hugged and laughed and felt...felt that we were not alone. We came out stronger. We are capable of that, this I know.
Today I am in Richmond and the sky is gray. I long for my friends and the hugs I could share with everyone of them...but I know that this gray sky is the same sky and now and forever we, all of us alive or resting in peace are in this together.
Under one perfect blue sky, together we stand, all we have to do is look up to remember. Live in the blue and not the darkness, of that cloud!
onward we go......!

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