Tuesday, September 9

a little rant and a lot of art!

I just posted a bunch of photos I took in front of the Philadelphia Museum, you can check them out here.
I did not take photos in the Museum. In fact it really pisses me off that people do! I know the Museums pretty much have to let people take photos since you can't really monitor cell phones and small digital cameras. They do enforce a no flash rule...at least there is that. I admit I am a bit of an elitist about Museums.

I worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY for a year. One of the perks was that before the doors were opened to the public each day, we were allowed to roam the galleries. In peace! I can not tell you what bliss it was, viewing, before the crowds came in. I am of the opinion that art is visual and should be processed cleanly and purely by looking at it and letting it speak to you visually. I despise the head phone tours! It is like eating a fine meal in front of the TV! How can you see what speaks to you when a voice in your ear is telling you what to look at and what to see, and think? These people stand in front of great works of art and have one of their senses occupied. OK, I like that they are trying to learn, but the two things should be separated. If you want to understand art, do some home work then look with your own eyes and feel it. Give the right side of your brain and the left side different times to process things in their own way!

So... I was in an Icon gallery at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. There was a family, mom, dad, and daughter (around 17 years old). Each had a digital camera. There were about 10 little icons in the room. But mom was in front of one taking a photo, dad in front of the next and daughter in front of yet another. They moved through the gallery systematically shooting photos of each work. Blocking anyone else from viewing! It wasn't about experiencing the art it was about owning it! That is what really burns my ass! For all I know these people were going to publish this and sell the photos. From an artist stand point, what you want people to do is let it flow through you and what sticks is real. It is the opposite of 'owning' it. Art, what it adds to the world is free!

What I am talking about has nothing to do with buying or selling art. The owning I am referring to is different. Like, for example, someone 'owning pain', or 'owning patriotism'...it is ours, everyone's, not just yours!

So I went to another gallery and looked at other stuff till the photo family had moved on to steal/block other art.

Before I went to the Museum I was looking at this.
It is pretty obvious that what I am doing, painting on sculpture (my globes) relates to the painted sculpture. Now in art school we learned that it was not a good idea to paint on sculpture. 2-d on 3-D is a no-no. But like everything else, nothing is new, we just have to rediscover things. I love the colors on the Greek sculptures! I remember learning that the great Pyramids were colored too. That the cap of the largest was Lapis Lazuli...wow!
So that is my rant for today...


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