Monday, September 8

frankenstein's first look at the ocean

We are home! Here is a clip of Frankenstein first look at the ocean. We climbed into a life guard chair and watched the sun set. Frankenstein loved the beach! We ran and ran in the sand, he chased sand pipers down the beach, who squeaked just like his toys at home. As you can see my eyes are tired from our long drive and getting up early that day. But after a few days away, I feel recharged and ready for the Fall.
I will post more mini vacation photos later today. It is good to be back!


Anonymous said...

TBIH, I was somewhat disappointed when you scan the beach the grape vine said it was to be a nude beach. However all was not lost the dog was cute and the young lady was very attactive. I would guess she must have had two very attractive and intelligent parents. It is just a guess. Keep the text and pictures coming.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm, thanks mom and dad!