Monday, September 8

A day at the museum

Before our mini beach vacation we took a day trip to Philadelphia. I spent the entire day looking at art, while The Big Head, went to a biz meeting just outside of town. After my long day of walking and looking I sat on the steps to rest. It was very entertaining. There is a constant stream of people who park out front just to run the "Rocky" steps. They run, they strike their best muscle arms over head pose at the top of the stairs, get 'the' photo, then jump back in their cars and speed away.
It was nice to breath northern air again. To be in a big city. I chatted up all the guards just to hear them speak in a northern accent. But truth be told, when we did get back home we were both very happy to be back in VA and it really feels like home.
I will write more about the art I saw and these colored sculptures very soon....good stuff, connections and other museum related observations....onward..

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