Friday, March 7

Frankenstein Friday

The other day I was walking in the yard and a flash of red caught my eye.
When I got closer I saw it was the Red Bull beanie baby. We had picked him out for Frankenstein at the flea market a few weeks back. It was an inside toy. But here it was half burred behind a rose bush.
When Frankenstein realized his prize had been discovered he quickly grabbed it and went off to find another hiding place. He wandered around the yard for a long time. He cried a little out of frustration. None of the hiding places he could find were good enough.
Later I discovered the bull abandoned in a corner of the yard. Not burred or hidden. I brought the bull back in the house and cleaned him up a bit.
Then yesterday Frankenstein had him in mouth again and Mr.Bull was all covered in dirt and wet. Somehow Frankenstein keeps seeking him out to bury him!..then moving him to new and even better hiding places. As to the whereabouts of the Red Bull now, I have no idea. But I bet he is half burred in the yard somewhere, waiting to be found.

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