Monday, March 3


I spent most of yesterday making deviled eggs. I got the idea to start incorporating images from my new life in the South into the paintings. One of the first things I was told were southern were deviled eggs. At first I scoffed at this. After all I have had deviled eggs in the northern states. But then I noticed at every party and BBQ we went to over the last year, there was a plate of deviled eggs. Also at the antique shops and re-sale shops I have been finding plates made especially to display deviled eggs.
The symbolism of the egg lends itself to the sphere shape I have been painting on.
I got some nice photos and look forward to working these images into new paintings.


Judy said...

Mmmmmm, deviled eggs . . . where's the finished product? Did you buy a little eggy plate? God, I love me some deviled eggs.

Anonymous said...

I just posted a photo of the finished plate...yes they were yummy!