Wednesday, March 5

Art show

Kirsten Gray the director and I had a great talk about all the work in the show yesterday.
the gallery gets great natural light as well as traditional lighting.

It is always strange seeing your work in a new space. The globe seems so small in the gallery space. But when I was working on it, the surface seemed endless. I really like a lot of the work in the show.


Judy said...

Beautiful! Great space too. Is that one person with the red stripes behind, Max from the L Word? Oops—I just magnified it and it's a camp counselor! Ha.

Anonymous said...

yeah, he is the weed guy!
It is a nice space, there is a huge front and back porch with a cute little, city style walled in garden in the back.

Anonymous said...

Your globe and painting are great. I laughed out loud at the misidentified mugs. The Rapture piece is great I indentify with the ceramic pieces and really liked them. We would like you to cater our next egg party

Anonymous said...

egg party!..what are we waiting for! I am there!