Monday, March 10


Here are where things are today. Globe 2 is almost finished. I started prepping the surface on another ready made globe. It has been sanded and cracks filled. The half sphere was cast in plaster this weekend and will need a bit of sanding next. It will also be painted on, but I think I am going to try egg tempera rather than oil paint. Onward!


Anonymous said...

Curious, How thick is the plaster on the half sphere and what do you use for parting in the mold. Also the vase or bowl makes a great stand for the globes

Anonymous said...

I bought a sphere mold meant for cement. I used Vaseline on the mold. But it actually seemed to keep the sphere locked in. I had to resort to ripping the mold open. A kids ball,was used, like a deviled egg, to make the hollow. The walls are about 3"thick.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you have any good tips for the next one let me know!