Thursday, April 14

Belly, Frankentiny, and Trubee!

The hardest part about going away was leaving Frankenstein, Bella and Truman. We found the best pet sitter in David. He stayed with them, washed out Bella's incision and gave Truman a shower each day. It was great coming home and seeing the dogs sit next to him and show me they were happy with my choice. Truman went a wondering the day before we came home. We got a call from David saying he couldn't find her. I knew just where she would be and found her within moments of arriving home. Everyone is safe and sound. Bella seems to be healing. We will know more after a trip to the Vet later today.

I really struggled with this decision, but the print to help pay off her vet bills will have to be put off for a while. First of all she is still not 100% and the vet visits have not stopped (cha-ching). The more selfish reason is once again art related. I am working towards a show in Oct. (Oct. 14th to be exact) a date that gets closer each day. I have a habit of throwing myself off track with side projects, before dead lines. I identified this as just one of those projects. I can't afford to give up anymore time. My Monkeys need every moment I can find.

There will be prints and I will do them when I can give my full attention to them. Believe me the need will still be there. Most importantly I am looking forward to having a place to land once this Monkey show is up in the Gallery.

Onward Monkeys!

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