Thursday, April 14

Again with the falling limbs

Our home was impaled by a limb from our big oak

somehow it missed the painting, my head, the lamp and just poked though the wall

It snapped off this large Maple in our yard

When we returned from Florida another limb had cracked off, this time hitting nothing but grass

How cute is Mr.Eleven!

There was a huge limb waiting for us when we returned from our trip to Florida. Another huge limb cracked off the old Maple. Miraculously, it hit nothing. We conceder ourselves very lucky. But we wasted no time calling our favorite tree guys. The expert said, Maples rot from the inside and it is almost impossible to tell from the outside. They will be here in a week or so to give the beautiful old tree a major trim. Until then I am keeping my eye on it when the wind blows.

We are working things out with the contractors and insurance company over the damage from the first limb incident. We just picked a new roof color! A new bedroom color is next. Never a dull moment!

Onward Monkeys!

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