Thursday, April 14


My 6 year old friend came by to give me a gift she made for me. It was a Valentines gift that got delivered just when I needed it most. She is awesome!

I wasted no time getting back to work in the studio. It took me one full day to give the Reaching up Monkey a layer of paper mache. He is coming along.

My first Monkey using shells from Sanibel Island Beach, is the guy up front with shell eyes, shell ears and shell penis. I worked on every monkey on my work table!

This is how it looked when I reopened the studio. I cleaned off the table, scarped all the clay and wax off and got to work!

Here are all the shells I brought home with me. It is funny how different they feel off the beach and in the studio.

We faced cancer, the recovery from the cancer operation. A limb impaled our home. Took a trip out of town and now I am back! It feels so good to be working again. The best was walking in the studio and being greeted by the Reaching Up Monkey, we did a high 5-double hands and I got down to work!

Onward Monkeys!!

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