Friday, May 7

52 0f 52!

Finally! I am back. It has been a frustrating few months for me. Between back problems my computer kicking the bucket, learning to use my new computer and the most frustrating of all trying to get back into my Flickr account. Arg!

I know, I was going to do a fancy Glam shot for my final 52 weeks photo but that's not me and it's not where I am at. This is more representational and isn't that what a portrait is meant to be? I have been working on a little sculpture and as you can see I really get into my work. It has always been who I am, the kid with the dirty face. About as far from glam as it gets! I am so relieved to have finished the 52 week project. It took me a bit longer and at first I couldn't edit my portraits to just one a week. But it is a cool thing to look back at--what a year.

I am ready to go forward as always Onward--but fist I will share a bit of where I have been the last few weeks...

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