Friday, March 12

Frankenstein Friday

Yay! It's Friday and Spring is in the air. Frankenstein and I are both feeling feisty! I finished the painting I have been hiding from the world and will get some photos up ASAP. I am still having glare issues so am waiting for it to dry. The problem is Truman's lights and all the natural light in the new studio space show up on camera, in real life the glare isn't very noticeable. I will talk more about the painting once I have visuals to accompany my words.

Tonight is the opening of Jamie Pocklington's one person show at the Eric Schindler Gallery. Be there or be square and if you can't, come here to see photos from the opening next week.

Have a lovely weekend all!


Purl Scout said...

yay, tracey! congrats! maybe i can help you take the photos, t.

this photo of Frankenstein is totally disturbing.

tracey said...

I would be so into that! The new one is very different and I would like to get an idea of how other people see it.
By the way my computer died a month ago so I have been off line--but I am back with a new computer--yay!