Friday, May 7

Frankenstein Friday

The littlest Murph! Mr Frankenstein hurt his back while I was off line. It was super scary. One day without any warning he was just sad and trembling, barely able to walk, his eyes were dull and he would scream if you tried to touch him. It seemed like he wasn't long for this world. I had a bad experience taking him to the vet. They basically just said after only looking at him that he hurt his back and we don't treat pain. It was awful. They were right, but it didn't feel right, the way they went about it. I nursed him and stayed by his side like he did for me when my back was out. I am happy to say he is 100% back to the happy little boy we know and love! He has a new vet too! Yesterday he was hunting Skinks in my studio--they are these little lizards with an electric blue colored strip down their tail. Ah--life is good!


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